Did you register for the Pinball Super Series coming up in October at District 82? (I did!) The cash prizes have been increased due to a sponsorship by The Pinball Company!

From Erik Thoren at District 82:

Hi Everyone!
District 82 Pinball welcomes The Pinball Company as the sponsor of The Pinball Super Series! The Pinball Company is the #1 online pinball retailer in the country!
Overall Super Series winner will now receive $1,000!
The Pinball Company is going to award the overall winner of The Pinball Super Series with a check for $1,000.
This is in addition to any prize money that person had received from the 6 individual tournaments that make up The Super Series.

We are now paying out to 6th place instead of just 4th for the overall series:
$2 per person per tournament goes into this pool but the overall winner is going to receive $1,000 regardless of participants. Assuming we have 100 players in each tournament ($1,200 Total) the overall series payouts would be as follows:

1st: $1,000 from the Pinball Company
2nd: 40% — $480
3rd: 30% — $360
4th: 15% — $180
5th: 10% — $120
6th: 5%  —  $60

The individual payouts for top 8 in each tournament remain unchanged with $1,800 (assuming 100 players) of prize money for each of the six tournaments.

Don’t forget everyone recieves WPPR points!

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Erik Thoren

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