We’re talking about practice! You’ve got some practice time before a tournament, do you? MarvLoco discusses how to use that practice time efficiently. So, what do you do when you are furiously running about the event area trying to figure out what bounces to keep track off and what skill shots to note down?

Video description by MarvLoco:

In this episode of the podcast I discuss my time at a local Oklahoma pinball tournament called Tourney Off the Hill 1.0. I cover a game by game strategy overview of a tournament I played in earlier this month. I also discuss my approach to using the practice time right before a tournament starts and I also go over what I look for on a pinball machine when I step up to it before playing.

Some of the games discussed in this podcast include Stern Pinball Avengers Infinity Quest, Stern Pinball Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Stern Pinball Iron Man, Williams Blackout, Stern Pinball The Simpson’s Pinball Party, and American Pinball Oktoberfest.

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