The Daredevil Zombie loves to do stunts. More specifically, this zombie is very good at jumping a row of cars.

The Daredevil Cycle is a target above the playfield near the Atomic Shop. You can reach it via a quick shot up the short, metal ramp. Be careful. The Dizzie Doozie stands guard against Players taking jumps for big points. Concentrate and pay attention to where the Doozie post is, and you can get a shot off. Or, just fling a ball at the jump and hope you don’t get rejected. Since the ball will be in the air for a moment, get ready for the rebound action even when you make a successful shot. Try to control the ball again to see about doing another Daredevil Jump.

Why risk death?

Why do you want to do this? Why risk hot zombie death to hit this target? One reason is, this target is a way to earn a Playfield X via a direct shot. The game is tracking the number of times you hit the target over the course of the game and will give you a Playfield X at certain points. It’s simple. On the third hit, you go to 3X Playfield for 20 seconds. It’s the same 3X Playfield that you get for hitting the Snack Shop targets three times. On the sixth cycle jump you earn a 6X Playfield for 20 seconds and on the ninth cycle jump, you earn a 9X Playfield for 20 seconds. Then the awards loop back around to 3X Playfield again for the 12th jump and so on.

Remember, Cycle Jumps toward a Playfield X are counted over the course of the game and don’t reset from ball to ball. That means if you have made your second cycle jump this game, you essentially have a 3X Playfield “in the pocket” that you can activate when you dare. This can be even more powerful if you have made your fifth jump or especially your eighth jump of the game.

Upgrade Playfield X

Just like other ways to increase the Playfield X, if you have a Playfield X running, that pivotal cycle jump you just made will take that into account and give you an upgrade. For example: It would be weird to have a 6X Playfield active and then go down to 3X because you made your third cycle jump. Instead, that 6X Playfield will be upgraded to 9X Playfield for 20 seconds!

Behind the 8-Ball

For its base scoring, the Cycle Jump uses a modified version of the scoring system from the left orbit shot on Eight Ball Deluxe. Those of you who know Eight Ball Deluxe also know of the Extra Ball and Special that you can earn via its left orbit. That’s why an Extra Ball is mentioned at the top of this page, because you can get one from the Daredevil Cycle. However, like Eight Ball Deluxe, the number of cycle jumps towards an Extra Ball do not carry over from ball to ball.

Happy jumping! (Don’t lose your head …)

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