Tag: Hurry Up

The Price is Wrong

The target score is 40,000,000. The goal is to get as close to that without going over. How well do you know what scores what on The Addams Family?

Celts Challenge!

The answer to the question in the thumbnail and more will be provided by HUP Challenge’s coverage of Haggis Pinball’s Celts.

HUP Challenge: Drain-o

What is your go-to drain therapy to cope with the ball finding its way out, especially when you were just about to “do the thing”?

No need for the “Sneaky Hex” technique on these. That ball is gone!

RAZA Quick Shots: Get Dunked On!

If you can survive 10 hits to the Dunk Dummy Drop Target, you will start “Get Dunked On” where you get to raid the Atomic Shop for items!