In addition to starting modes, the Atomic Shop is the place to buy items and upgrades. The Shop is guarded by a drop target that lowers for a short time period after you hit it. Be careful of the rebound from the target which can put you in danger of draining your ball.

If you can survive 10 hits to the Dunk Dummy Drop Target, you will start “Get Dunked On” right after the tenth hit. This is a frenzy round where the Atomic Shop is closed, but you get to raid the Shop for items! Your goal is to survive as many Dunk Dummy Drop Target hits as you can while the drop target is raising up immediately after each hit. Every Dunk Dummy hit during the frenzy will pay you an increasing amount of points and possibly a (pseudo) random item from the Shop. Best of all … these Shop items are FREE during the frenzy time!

[This “Dummy” is about to receive some punishment.]

Here’s the catch: The item you earn for each drop target hit is based on the number of Tickets you have currently. You can only get certain items that you could have afforded to purchase if the Shop was open. Hopefully you have a large amount of Tickets saved up when you start Get Dunked On so you can raid the Shop for as many different items as possible. If you are a little light on Tickets, then each hit may give you more Tickets or Frenzy time until you have enough to be able to get other items.

Yes, it is possible to start Get Dunked On during a Multiball.

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