When it rains, it pours. Apparently, that can be true when you are playing pinball as in other things in life. Sometimes there are parties going on and you are just not invited. These partying monsters partying with Elvira don’t want Jordan to party with them. They are doing their best to frustrate him and kick him out of the party every time he tries to crash it. Elvira hired the best bouncer ever to stop him from getting in.

[Their YouTube channel is criminally undersubbed, so please go subscribe here: Hurry Up Challenge on YouTube]

Be careful … no one is safe from the rage-induced collateral damage. Not even Party Monster Franken Berry.

Watch for a drain caused by an actual fly in the eye.

Callback to this Pinball Excuse about a dragonfly that happened to me:
Dragonfly ==> https://funwithbonus.com/pinball-excuse-006-dragonfly/

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