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Hurry Up Hardtop the second

Hurry Up Pinball continues the hardtop install by reviewing the steps to ready the playfield for the hardtop installation. Bonus: Shooter lane repair tips.

Hurry Up Hardtop

Hurry Up Pinball shows the process of depopulating a playfield in preparation for the hardtop.

Classic Game Room reviews NES Pin*Bot

Mark from Classic Game Room reviews Nintendo’s interpretation of Pin*Bot. See! I knew there were missiles in this game! Crazy, right? MISSILES, that try to destroy your flippers in Stage 3! That’s messed up, Pin*Bot.

Throwback: NES Pin*Bot

Back in the day, I would use this to help me prepare for when I could go to the flea market or the arcade and play the real game.

The Pinball Arcade releases: Jack*Bot

If you think Jack*Bot is just a re skinned game akin to video game publishers re-skinning characters to sell as money-grabbing DLC , then you haven’t played Jack*Bot.

Bride of Pin*Bot 2.0 Gameplay

Dutch Pinball has released a new gameplay video for their Bride of Pin*Bot 2.0 project. I had a chance to play this game recently at Pinball Expo, and it is justifiably awesome.