Pin*Bot for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Back in the day, I would use this to help me prepare for when I could go to the flea market or the arcade and play the real game. The first thing I noticed the real pin had better music, and the Nintendo version had psychedelic colors.

The weird part would be when you got the Solar Value jackpot on NES Pin*Bot. The playfield would change color like you went to a new stage. Then this strange blob monster thing comes out and travels through the solar system in the middle of the playfield. Once it gets to the Sun, it tries to vacuum the ball into its mouth anytime the ball comes near it! Freaky!

Ball-eating Blob Monster thing.

Ball-eating Blob Monster thing.

That’s not even the weirdest part. On “Stage 3” I think missiles come out and try to attack your flippers. Am I imagining this? I think this is what happens. A small missile gets launched from a plane and heads toward your flippers trying to damage them. If you pass that, a snake comes out and tries to snatch the ball down the outlane, plus you can change the ball to a triangle or a cube shape.

After going through all that, the real version of Pin*Bot was a walk in the park.

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