Quark, from Rageworks has a theory on how the three pinball games in the Pin*Bot trilogy are linked. Those three games being “Pin*Bot”, “The Machine”, and “Jack*Bot” One of the major points is that the second game (“The Machine”) is actually a prequel and can be proven so.

Check out Quark’s pinabll game theory here on Rageworks:

I have an alternate theory that I stapled together is a few minutes. Let me try something …

Alternate theories …

1. Pin*Bot and Jack*Bot are not the same entity. The first giant robot attempt was successful and became Pin*Bot. The second attempt was being worked soon after and eventually became Jack*Bot. Jack*Bot was modeled after a slot machine in recognition of the huge gamble being made to build another giant robot. It was planned upon completion to utilize Jack*Bot as a money-making machine. To that end, Jack*Bot was given the knowledge to win money at casinos. The goal was to generate enough cash to supplement the original investment that created Pin*Bot. This second project did end up bankrupting the contractors who were trying to build their overly ambitious projects.

2. There have also been multiple alternate projects to build The Machine. Most failed or were otherwise incomplete (as what happens in the second game as if it were a prequel). One succeeded and became “The Machine” in Jack*Bot.

3. “The Machine” now owns a casino in which Jack*Bot is trying to win money back on behalf of the bankrupted contractors. (The Machine’s callouts: “I’m the Dealer”, “I SAW that …” “You’re cheating … ” etc.)

4. Once I figure out how to link “The Machine” coming alive, being able to buy out the contractor’s debts, and own a casino then I can close the loop on that plot hole, but until then …

None of these are mentioned here in Quark’s article as possible things, but it’s fun to have alternate game theories.

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