The Pinball Arcade releases Jack*Bot as their next title for the platform. Why are some people catching feelings about this game in their comment sections? Saying things like Jack*Bot is just a re-skinned Pin*Bot and TPA should have released something better.


First of all, if you think Jack*Bot is just a re skinned game akin to video game publishers re-skinning characters to sell as money-grabbing DLC , then you haven’t played Jack*Bot.

Check out this video of Jack*Bot at the NW Pinball Championships.
“The Greatest Tournament Game of Jack*Bot Ever Played.”


I’m not satisfied with The Pinball Arcade’s preview video. Let’s check out more players owning Jack*Bot on The Pinball Arcade.




From The Pinball Arcade on Facebook:

The iOS version is still in review at Apple, but they’ve agreed to expedite the process. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for news on it’s release in the coming days.

Jack•Bot™ (1995): was designed by Barry Oursler and Larry DeMar and is the third in a series of pinball tables with a Robot Theme, following Pin•Bot™ and The Machine: Bride of Pin•Bot™. This space age casino pinball experience features both risk and skill based features including an awesome Multi-Ball mode and five different Casino Games that allow you to cheat for huge points! During the exciting Casino Run bonus round, you can press your winnings and go for more against the clock. The playfield includes the same Robot Visor from Pin•Bot that opens to reveal two Eye Eject Holes. 2,428 units of this table were produced.

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