Tag: Arcade Hunters

Logan Arcade Walkthrough

Arcade Hunters takes a tour of Logan Arcade in Chicagoland. Includes a musical number by The Biscuits, their Five Nights at Freddy’s scary looking Chuck E. Cheese’s band.

Ghostbusters NYC Launch Party #SlimerButt

Nick from Arcade Hunters got some footage of the NYC Launch Party as we all got our collective butts kicked by the center gap and the fools-gold double inlanes on Ghostbusters.

Drama breakdown

Coast 2 Coast Pinball is ready with a breakdown, analysis and commentary on the recent happenings with The Big Lebowski pinball game by Dutch Pinball.

Punchy 103

Be afraid. Well, if you have a fear of clowns that is. Arcade Hunters reviews Punchy the Clown at Modern Pinball NYC.