Includes a code update and review. Guest starring the laundry machines… and brought to you by the center drain.

From Arcade Hunters:

Just this week Stern Pinball once again updated their newest game, Ghostbusters to Version 1.05. This update adds in new speech and some gameplay adjustments. Shooting the right lane will now start the “River of Slime” hurry up that you can shoot into the Storage Containment Unit to get half a million points and can build it up with more shots. They’ve also changed the way you catch ghosts. In the previous versions all the shots would be lit, now hitting Slimer, the captive ball newton and the captive ball will randomly light ghosts on the playfield. You can also light the locks for multiball by collecting 10, 30 and 50 ghosts and they stack up with the awards given from the left newton as well!

This video also shows you how to update a new Stern Spike System game via a USB memory stick reader. This update took less then 10 minutes to do so make sure you go to Stern’s website and check it out and update your game!