Arcade Hunters visits Sunshine Laundromat to see how it has leveled up.

From the video description

… In this video we’re finally checking out Greenpoint Brooklyn’s own Sunshine Laundromat! This isn’t your parent’s laundromat with just a junk Ms. Pac-Man machine, oh no. The owner, Peter has turned the back room of the laundromat into a full on pinball arcade with the greatest Bally and Williams’ classics, new Stern tables and even the second ever Big Bang Bar reproduction pinball machine!

All of the games are in fantastic working order all for 75 cents a play. (Big Bang Bar is the exception at a dollar a game) They have a full service bar with beers, drinks and snacks and the staff is super nice too! The backroom is always open for snacks, drinks and of course to play some great games of pinball! They’ve also opened a small little coffee shop next door too!

Super special thanks to Peter and the staff at Sunshine for having me and also for turning the music down so I could get this video for you! Make sure you guys check them out if you’re in the New York City area!…

Sunshine Laundromat
860 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, New York


Arcade Hunters takes a look at The Pinball Circus at the Pinball Hall of Fame.

From the video description

The Pinball Circus! This is one of two prototypes that were made back in the early 1990’s and due to the game’s high cost they decided on not making a full production run of the game.

There is a group trying to produce “Python’s Pinball Circus” which is going to take a lot of what the original artist, Python Anghelo had in mind when creating it like being able to flip into one of four holes in the clown’s head to get different jackpots.

Also, please not that this video is very old and out of date. Since my last visit Tim Arnold and the rest of the crew at The Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas have gone through and totally fixed the machine so it’s 100% working again. (I think they have also added in the Lolita toy I mentioned as well!)

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