Tag: Demolition Man

Stew’s Seashells

Does Stew know how to use the three seashells? Of course, he does. Will Stew use the triggers to flip and get extra points and bragging rights instead of the flipper buttons?

Demo Man: Two for One?

CaptNRetro bought Demolition Man machines hoping to combine the working parts into one valid machine.

Snowballing with AKM [Demolition Man]

Austin Mackert investigates what can happen if you choose one of the other awards every time you head for the Claw…. Watch how quickly the scoring opportunities grow.

P-ROC at Expo 2013

The P-ROC pinball platform is going to be at Pinball Expo 2013. Apparently it’s not going to be just Bride of Pinbot 2.0 …

2012-13 PAPA Circuit Final – Marathon 3/7

If someone told me that a player did the things that happened in this video, I probably wouldn’t have believed them. Unless they told me that CEL did it. Then I probably would have believed them.

2013 PAPA Circuit Final Round 11 and 12

Why was I playing slower? Hey, A-division players, “I learned it by watching you!” Maybe I should have had a beverage with me or an iPod to disguise the wait time. “Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive, stayin alive.”