Playing Demolition Man with the Claw disabled is now standard practice when the game is in a tournament. That is because you can use the Claw to select the “Lock” award to instantly get the next multiball ready, or if it’s ready, you can start multiball immediately.

This leaves all of the other awards out in the cold since they don’t get chosen. But, what about those other options that the Claw gives you? At first glance they don’t seem that significant. They are just tasks you need to go through to get to Demolition Time. However, things are not what they first appear.

Austin Mackert investigates what can happen if you choose one of the other awards every time you head for the Claw. In this video, he shows how choosing to Capture Simon repeatedly can yield significant results, if you have the skills. Watch how quickly the scoring opportunities grow.

From the video description:

I play Demolition Man with the specific goal to play “Capture Simon” over and over again. Capture Simon scoring starts low and only requires 3 shots to complete, but extends each successive time the mode is played. Shots are eventually worth 50 mil and 12 shots are required to complete it.

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