The good news is DMoS has gotten a feature-rich update from the folks at Pinnovating, and there is a video of these updates for you to enjoy.

The bad news is the video is sideways. So you’ll need to either have a tate mode on your monitor or mentally turn the image sideways in order to enjoy it. I chose the “mental” option and I enjoyed the video. So, who is getting this mod?

From Pinnovating:

The Demolition Man on Steroids software has now been fully upgraded. Check out a 20min full length game at
Hope you enjoy, we had a blast 

If there is enough interest, we’ll make it available but in a limited amount only. For ones interested, please pm us for details and questions.
We will gather questions first and answer in a FAQ asap.

Notable features, besides a thrilling game experience and ruleset of course, are:
– Create your own alternative in-game music soundtrack
– Start a game for every individual player in easy or hard mode
– Choose Party Mode in multiplayer game for Computer Awards to be randomly assigned over players. For instance Extra Ball Lit for player one is transferred to player 3, or combo the combo amount for player four are transferred to player two. A bit like Mario Kart.
– Four real modes on the Cryo Claw.
– Cryo Claw gives 1 chance to drop the ball in the right claw exit
– All modes have a mode jackpot when mode mission is achieved
Hurry up modes like
– Car Chase Mode
– Explode Mode
– Schwarzenegger Library Mode
– Eyeball Frenzy hurry up: Collect extra ball for a limited time only
– Eyeball Hold Bonus X for staggering end-of-ball bonuses
– Unique 7-way Combo super bonus
– Consequtive 8-way Combo Car Chase hurry up bonus
– Four multiballs with different objectives.
– Every multiball has it’s own super jackpot
– Multiball objectives for multiballs 2, 3 and 4 rotates randomly
– Demolition Super Jackpot after the fourth multiball
– Two staged wizard mode
– Triple Mega Wizard Demolition Jackpot to collect at the right ramp
– Wizard mode can be started/practiced at game start
– without high score entry of course (single player game only)
– Game owners name is displayed in attract mode

The game looks amazing with the ColorDMD in blue. Thanks to Randy from ColorDMD.

The shown alternative translite is based on a pre-production, rejected by Wesley Snipes, drawing by Linda Deal & Doug Watson.