From the 2012 PAPA Circuit Final! Live from PAPA Headquarters in Scott Township, PA

Round 9
Game: Demolition Man


Steven Bowden
Karl DeAngelo
Daniele Acciari
Jason Werdrick

Choose wisely …

Since this was my first game in the Circuit Final, I had the opportunity to choose which game to play. I went with Demolition Man based on what I had seen from previous games. I figured I could put up a decent score to survive. Even though the tilt was set pretty conservatively, going halfway up the center ramp wasn’t killing players like I was used to seeing.

I thought that as long a I had decent ball times, I would move on. Since I already had the disadvantage of going first, I wanted to get mulitball as easily as I could from the right ramp. I did not want to risk doing it the hard way with that tough left orbit shot. What’s worse that going first on a game? Going first and having a very poor frst ball.

Little did I know when my third ball had ended that Jason Werdrick would end up only one Claw shot away from eliminating me.

Round 10
Game: Monster Bash


Steven Bowden
Karl DeAngelo
Daniele Acciari
Cayle George

More spinner, MOAR!

Well, here are my proverbial “fifteen minutes of fame”. The Monster Bash in the Circuit Final plays friendlier than the one I play at my local league at Eight on the Break. For example, this spinner actually spins … a lot. By watching the monitor during previous games of Monster Bash, I saw the the spinner shot was paying off somewhere between 1.5 million and 2 Million+ per trip. That made it by far the most valuable shot during the early part of the game. So I decided to get Mosh Pit Multiball ready and carry as many monsters into it as I could. When it was lit, I decided to keep that “in my pocket” so to speak and get the other monsters ready first.

It was only after I finished Mosh Pit that I realized I has a real shot to get Monsters of Rock on camera. I thought I had better get MOR at least since Daniele is behind me ready to put up a great score.

It was interesting and funny at times to hear what the commentators were saying, with their exaggerations and sports jargon. When I was re-watching this, a couple of times I thought to myself, “Nope, I wasn’t think that at all, guys… Yes, that’s what I was thinking. ^_^

Slow down, take your time

By the way, the reason why I took so long to start playing my ball was to make sure the tilt bob had settled as much as possible. The commentators may have noticed it more when I was waiting, because I had no water to drink or any music players or headphones to adjust that would help to disguise the wait time.

I learned this patience from other top players. I would see them gather themselves using their chosen method (water, iPod/headphones, etc.). Then, look at the playfield to see where they were in the game, and even do a status report (if available). All this to get as much information as possible before starting.

I have decent ball control, but I am not quite as accurate as other top players. I have to rely on whatever nudging I can get away with to help extend my ball times. The tilts on Demolition Man and Monster Bash were set conservatively. There way no way I was going to take a cheap tilt warning from a slight nudge that normally wouldn’t give me a strike.


In the Endurance phase, the four lowest-seeded players play a machine, and the player with the lowest score is eliminated and replaced by the next highest seed for the next round. The winner of each game receives an immediate $100 prize.


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Slow down even more!

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