After viewing the TEDx Talk, check out Michael’s interview on The Kineticist:

Kineticist: How Pinball Flipped My Life

Video description by TEDx Talks:

“When Michael Sandler first wandered into a pinball convention, he never expected to become obsessed. But in a matter of months, playing the silver ball became a sought-after escape for him. He discovered the nirvana of flow state, pursued his passion for history and design, and eventually filled his basement with flashing machines. Now he’s ready to share his unlikely journey from novice to diehard, all while actively avoiding the term “pinball wizard.” Michael Sandler earned his Master of Arts in Teaching from Tufts in 2007 and has taught Psychology courses at nearby Arlington High School since then. A “Double Jumbo,” he graduated with a B.A. in Anthropology in 1996. His years in the Crafts House spurred him to careers in design, home remodeling, and cooking before landing him back in the classroom. Michael’s wife and two children know all too well about his enthusiasm for pinball, which he’s excited to share at TEDxTufts.”