2013 PAPA Circuit Final Round 11 and 12


From the 2012 PAPA Circuit Final! Live from PAPA Headquarters in Scott Township, PA

Round 11
Game: Ali


Steven Bowden
Andy Rosa
Daniele Acciari
Cayle George

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive, stayin alive. Andy Rosa throws us a curveball with Ali.

Bowen’s commentary on my last surviving ball confuses me, though. Why is it never good to wait patiently, see where I am in the game, look at the playfield and then go? It’s certainly better than plunging and praying. Hey, A-division players, “I learned it by watching you!”

I guess I should have had a beverage with me or an iPod to disguise the wait time.

I like to gather as much information as I need before I start and have a sort of running total estimated in my head as I am playing. That way, I can pay more attention to playing the game. As a result I can pay less attention to wondering how much of “these things” I have at a certain point, and do I have enough of “these widgets” to pass this score with the bonus.

Round 12
Game: Demolition Man


Steven Bowden
Josh Sharpe
Daniele Acciari
Cayle George

More combos and seashells. It’s interesting to see some of the saves I was making that seemed rough, actually look not very dramatic on a far-view camera.

Author: SSB

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