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Record Setter?

He’s looking to set the Guinness World Record for the Longest pinball marathon.

2012-13 PAPA Circuit Final – Marathon 4/7

More PAPA Circuit Final action, this time on Whirlwind. No one chose to play Whirlwind during the elimination phase. I believe it’s because the game is such a wildcard… Whirlwind is ready to deliver it’s sour tasting medicine to all of the finalists.

2012-13 PAPA Circuit Final – Marathon 2/7

The PAPA Circuit Final continues with Frontier, a game where if you hit a target that you wanted on purpose, you just might drain because of it. This game rewards those who can recover the best.

2013 Northwest Pinball Championships Day 3

Congratulations to Zach Sharpe who swept both the Open and Classics divisions at the 2013 Northwest Pinball Championships. Joshua Henderson finished second. Escher Lefkoff finished third. Bob Matthews finished fourth in both the Open and Classics divisions.

Geek Gamer Weekly – Pinball Spotlight

Chase Nunes, and Joseph Falbey of GeekGamer.TV host a powerful interview of three top pinball professionals: Kyle Seller, Bowen Kerins and Eden Stamm. Interesting , funny stories and good conversation abound! Includes my attempt at a timeline of the show.

The VRPA in the Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Regional Pinball Association getting some good pub at in the Vancouver Sun. Includes a video with Kyle Seller and Eden Stamm. Forget the hockey lockout, they’ve got pinball to play.

Eden Stamm: He is a beast, a monster!

Ball three of this one-handed Dracula attempt is the sickest thing I’ve seen in awhile. Watch as Eden sets the table with balls one and two, and then wolfs it all down on ball three.