Month: June 2012

Momonga Pinball Adventures [PREVIEW]

Well, isn’t that cute? It’s Momonga Pinball Adventures from Paladin Studios. It’s scheduled to be released this summer for Android and iDevices among other planned platforms. According to the website, the beta is coming very soon. Looking at the trailer, I am getting vibes of Adventure Pinball with a dash of Sonic Spinball and Flipnic.

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The greatest match of Jack*Bot ever.

…is on video, and thank science for that! Actually, thank, Chase Nunes, and Bowen Kerins for the video and commentary. This was game 2 of the 2012 Northwest Pinball Championships Grand Final. It’s nearly an hour, but it’s worth making some popcorn to see it in its entirety. [Now with alternate PAPA angle.]

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Northwest Pinball Championships 2012 – Day 1

We’ve completed the first day of qualifying for the NW Pinball Championships. Each and every game set up there basically has it’s proverbial middle finger stuck up at you in defiance. It’s our job to use our pinball skills, and some lucky bounces, to score despite the difficult settings.

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