Month: August 2021

Bat City Pinball Competitions resume at The Hangout Pinball Lounge!

The Bat City Pinball (BCP) monthly events that were being held at Buffalo Billiards in Austin, Texas (respectful nod, RIP) will be resuming at The Hangout Pinball Lounge in Taylor, Texas!

The next event will be held on Sunday September 5th with qualification rounds starting at 2:15 pm. The final qualification round will be at 5:00 pm with the Final round occurring directly afterward.

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“‘Pinball is not so much “spiritual opium” as a contact sport.”

Article excerpt:

“… playing pinball involves your entire being. A good pinball player doesn’t just use the flippers but learns to nudge and shake the machine (while avoiding the dreaded “tilt”) in an effort to keep the ball in play and score more points.

As a result, pinball is not so much “spiritual opium” as a contact sport. In a word, the level of engagement is visceral.”

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2.5 Hours of Alien Pinball Gameplay

Video description by: Hurry Up Pinball

“Craig and Lance play Alien by Pinball Brothers (Episode 107). Lance plays Alien for the first time. Chone and Maddox make an appearance and Craig gets to Save Newt multi-ball for the first time.

Lance starts two Loader Battles and proves if you nudge violently, you can get away with it. Lots to see in this one.”

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