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Pincinnati 2022 Venue Tour

Mike Dymus of Pinball Shenanigans presents a tour of the Pincinnati 2022 venue and tournament. See many of the 130 pinball games that were available to play! How did the hours long power outage affect the festivities?

Pinball Expo 2022 Preview

Host Christopher Franchi and Vendor Hall Chairman of Pinball Expo, David Fix provide details on the games, the people, the players, the tournaments, the seminars, the tours and more that are scheduled to take place at the event coming up this October 19th to October 22nd, 2022.

Houston Arcade Expo 2021 Quick Tour

It’s a run-though of Houston Pinball Expo, sometimes referred to as “The Party Show”, for its penchant for being open far beyond the alleged closing time each night.