Tag: Cirqus Voltaire

Bread and Cirqus and Electricity

Will the Hurry-up Crew join the Cirqus Voltaire? Will they electrocute themselves in the process? Will they fall victim to the Ringmaster’s challenges?

Cirqus 32X

What if Cirqus Voltaire was released for the Sega 32X somehow? What might that sound like?

Black Lightning 2: Electric Boogaloo

More black lightning flipper action, this time on Cirqus Voltaire. It almost appears as if the middle of the playfield just drifts off into darkness.

New Pinball Dictionary: Bash Target

This is a object on the playfield meant to draw the attention of new players and help them to acquaint themselves with some of the rules of the game. It is usually a large, obvious toy or area that a player can hit repeatedly with the ball.

Going Turbo

I’ll just leave this here because it’s brilliant. If you haven’t seen Wreck It...