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John’s Arcade – Western Mass Pinball Club Tour

“In this video we will be touring the Western Mass Pinball Club. This place is jam packed with countless EM, early solid state, to current solid state pins. Every brand from Gottlieb, to Williams, to Jersey Jack, Bally, Game Plan, and more! It’s an awesome pinball collection!”

Travel back to 4 Million BC

This is not Jurassic Park. We would need to travel back at least 141 million more years in the past to get there. Oh well, here we are in 4 Million BC, where dinosaurs have travelled at least 61 million years in the future to get here?

Cary Hardy vs. Toledo [EM]

“SDTM Cary Hardy concludes his series on a Toledo EM Pinball Machine. He troubleshoots relay and startup issues, and showcases a finished, clean machine that is older than himself. Let’s be honest, it looks better than Cary as well.”

CGR Reviews Cosmos

Classic Game Room reviews Cosmos, a 1968 Bally electro-mechanical game. This game is difficult. Look at that gap between the flippers!