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Restoring a hero and a villain

Hurry Up Pinball restores this game representing a punishing see-saw battle between accurate shots and out-of-control results.

Pinburgh 2012 – Group W

The last quarterfinal match from Pinburgh 2012. The Players: Chris Newsom, Karl DeAngelo, Derek Fugate, Adam Becker. The Games: Twilight Zone, Mars Trek, Fun House, Flash Gordon. Let the cradle separations begin!

Dial ‘S’ for Slap Save

More Pinburgh tournament play featuring: Group S. Over an hour and a half! (Thanks, Twilight Zone.) Also, featuring DVD commentary by the Sharpe brothers.

Anotherrrr Hourrr of Powerrr!

Don’t miss the epic Twilight Zone battle. Also, the evilness of Flash Gordon. That game is concentrated evil. Anytime the ball is in motion, you are in trouble.