Tag: gameplay

Aww… ScRRRaTcH! [Pool Sharks]

The Pool Shark really emphasizes every letter of “scratch”, sarcastically as you drain down the outlane … and you will drain down these outlanes, a lot.

Chad the Bird gets lit at Logan Arcade!

Let’s play Foo Fighters as pinball commentator in training, Chad the Bird holds court LIVE for almost four hours at Logan Arcade. I was happy to be invited to join the show about a half hour in and play a few rounds. Chad loosens us up and we talk about various topics as we try to defeat The Overlord.

Dungeons & Dragons Gameplay

Your dungeon master, Jack Danger shows us the challenges you must face when trying to defeat all the dragons. Get your d20 ready!

Cosmic Carnival Progress

More gameplay of Cosmic Carnival including new videos of shots being made and LCD screen reactions to those made shots.