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warning … ROBO-WAR

Getting to multiball in ROBO-WAR is so easy right? RIGHT?! Sure it’s two shots, but staying in multiball and making profits with Multibonuses (essentially this game’s jackpots) while you are there is the challenge. 

Tutorial: The Amazing Spider-Man

PAPA Pinball and Backhand Pinball present a tutorial on The Amazing Spider-Man by Gottlieb.

Bowen Kerins provides the gameplay and instruction. You will be familiar, intimately familiar, with the technique known as the alley pass. It becomes *the* move to use if you want to do well in this game. Yes, there are many other things to do on the wide-bodied playfield, but they pale in comparison to the strength and power of the Alley Pass when the inlanes are lit.

300 for 300

This is not a typo for an ESPN special. Unless that special was somehow about a pinball machine about bowling. Travel through the shadows to find the treasure.

This belongs in a museum!

A museum like a silverball museum or a pinball hall of fame where we can still play it and not just look at it though, let’s not get crazy. Or maybe on stage as part of a highlight group of Pinburgh games. I know it’s in amazing condition, but … play it.

Mario Shop 1: It’s a dirty job

No! Don’t go down that pipe! It’s not finished yet, and it’s dirty. Who knows where you’ll end up … in some minus world or something, needing to use a soldering iron as a weapon to escape back to the real world.