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Sneaky Hex always works

It is a superpower rivaling the might of the most powerful superheroes.

If this power could be harnessed, it would become a most dangerous force to be reckoned with.

Celts Challenge!

The answer to the question in the thumbnail and more will be provided by HUP Challenge’s coverage of Haggis Pinball’s Celts.

Hurricane Season (Whirlwind)

The hardest shot in Whirlwind is the opening plunge. Just getting the ball safely onto the playfield so you can make a flipper decision is the immediate danger. I mean you’ve just started the game and already you are about to throw yourself into trouble. Please just let me get the ball controlled on a flipper.

HUP Challenge: Drain-o

What is your go-to drain therapy to cope with the ball finding its way out, especially when you were just about to “do the thing”?

No need for the “Sneaky Hex” technique on these. That ball is gone!