Lyons Township High School IFPA Tournament Grand Final!

I’m an educator of 16-plus years … To see not only pinball machines in a high school, but also to see them being used in a tournament setting, well that’s just a number of things that are relevant to my interests coming together. There is no way I could have missed seeing this.

IFPA WPPR Formula Change (v5.7) for 2022

The IFPA will be instituting an update to the WPPR system starting January 1, 2022 which will include the ability for any IFPA sanctioned tournament to receive an upgraded of “Certified”, if the event meets certain conditions.

“How do I become a world ranked pinball player?”

Triangle Pinball promotes competitive pinball play in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill (North Carolina) area.

With IFPA ranked competitive play returning imminently, Ovid Dillard described what that means to you if you are an aspiring tournament or league player.

Via Triangle Pinball on facebook: (more…)

Pinball Profile: IFPA Returns

“Sanctioned tournaments and leagues are set to begin on August 1st, 2021.

IFPA President Josh Sharpe tells us how we got here and what it means moving forward.”