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IE Pinball Tours Jurassic Park

See the whole game. Tour the whole park. Watch all the things that IE Pinball shows.

Learn what the source of a “Trifecta” is in the context of this particular game and why you want one …

Jurassic Park Pin Game Trailer / Features Video / Deep Dive

Stern Pinball shows a trailer of their newest release, Jurassic Park (The Pin version). It’s certainly different enough from the other “The Pins”. Lead Design by Jack Danger. Very intriguing.

I wonder if this game be included as a curveball for the upcoming Pinball Expo Flip Out tournament.

Pinball Expo 2019 Flip Out Tournament Finals

The Black Knight is back from his beatdown that happened before. This time he’s brought some dinosaurs with him to help fight off the competitors. It doesn’t matter though. He still gets decimated.

Jurassic Park Victory Targets

Sometimes the last game of the night is the best game, but in this case, it’s the first game of the session that’s the best game.