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The Quest for Valinor

I haven’t heard word yet whether Karl has achieved Open Season on Big Buck Hunter Pro, though at last glance he was getting close and the end was in sight. Let’s see him get to another wizard mode that is difficult to achieve.

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Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers Multiball

Programmer Keith Johnson took the time to share a detailed comment on what is happening during The Two Towers Multiball. He posted it on the PAPA commentary video I did semi-recently. I wondered what kind of formula was involved when determined how players progressed through this Multiball. Well, wonder no more.

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Pinburgh 2012 Group T

I helped to do a thing! ^_^ I started to get more comfortable as time went on, especially when I worried less about making sure I was contributing to the commentary. Thanks, Bowen for making it an enjoyable experience. I want to do more!

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