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“Are toppers worth the money?”

With the Star Wars topper released and other toppers such as Black Knight and Medieval that look super detailed, are you looking to get one of these accoutrements?

Medieval Throwback Review

Does the remake have that original feel and castle-crashing action? Do all of the shots feel like they should? Can we buy with confidence?

Roger Sharpe: Pinball Historian …

… talks about the Medieval Madness remake that’s about to be released by Planetary Pinball. Then, at the 4:25 mark a car commercial suddenly appears. That is, if that “car” is in fact the Medieval Madness remake.

Going Turbo

I’ll just leave this here because it’s brilliant. If you haven’t seen Wreck It...

Soundtrack Spotlight: Medieval Madness

Look. It’s Medieval Madness. It’s awesome. You already love this game, even if you haven’t played it yet somehow. Part of the reason why you love this game is because it sounds great.