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Pinball Wizard (the mobile game)

There is a new pinball mobile game on the Apple Arcade platform called  Pinball Wizard. It’s about a wizard who bounces around like a pinball.

PAPAtv LivePlay: Pinball Wizard?

Oh, SNAP! He was right there about to start the wizard mode and then the broadcast ended! Oh no! What could have happened? Did he make it? Did he buckle under the pressure. Will the power of the Santa hat carry him to success?

Pinball on the TODAY Show!

Jason and Mazine Zahler were the stars of an in-studio segment on the TODAY Show where they answered questions the anchors had about playing pinball. They also were featured on a taped segment that was shown beforehand. Well done, Jason and Maxine!

Polygon’s at PAPA

Your reading assignment today for is posted at major gaming blog Polygon. The subject: the ways that PAPA are defining the future of pinball gaming.

Grandma Pinball Wizard

Get ready to get into your pinball stance, because some serious business is about to go down! I...