Tag: Restoration

Last Action Hero restoration complete!

Will Jack Slater Lose?! No of course not! It’s his movie. And now that his game is fully restored, Jack Slater is ready to rescue Danny and defeat Benedict.

Restoring a hero and a villain

Hurry Up Pinball restores this game representing a punishing see-saw battle between accurate shots and out-of-control results.

The Getaway Restoration: Complete

Cary Hardy’s Getaway restoration process has been finished. This is the game we were going to be able to play at Texas Pinball Festival.

The Getaway Restoration

If you are going to TPF, Cary’s goal is to have this ready for you to play when you get there.

Welcome to Jurassic Park

We’ve found something in this hidden area. What could it be? Watch out for the various flora and fauna that may be attacking. Yes, the flora too. Maybe.