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Top 5 TPN Clips of the Week

Forget the ESPN top 10 plays of the whatever. Here the top 5 streaming clips of the Week from The Pinball Network.

The Plumb: Episode One

Krystle Gemnich’s new podcast has started! Find out how she got here, what the goals of her podcast are and what she plans to do in future episodes.

Eclectic Gamers: The Pinball Network

In the pinball segment, Dennis Kriesel proceeds to describe the gun that people jumped in great detail. Including the great coincidences that produced grand assumptions and conspiracy theories.

Macho Pinball 10: Macho is tired

Macho sounds like he is about to “blow up” … WHAT?! Macho cannot get tired … this is impossible … Macho also thinks the pinball nation is being a bit harsh on The Pinball Network.