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Beatles. Suddenly, Magneto!

Charles Xavier! I have traveled back through time to a Beatles concert. I will take control of the concert and use it to propel my dreams to fruition. Sacrifices must be made, Charles.

X-Men Heroes

The music of X-Men: The Heroes. I’m not saying I’m playing these tracks in my car as I’m travelling down the highway. I can neither comfirm or deny that is happening.

Replay Cosplay

You know what they say… A con is not a con without cosplayers. Actually, no one says that.

JAZ vs. Danger [X-Men]

Jason Zahler [JAZ] completes the X-Men ring of Mutants and faces off against Danger herself.

KME on X-men LE

Nearly 30 minutes of X-Men LE gameplay on TourneyCam format by Keith Elwin. Includes one complete lap of the X-Men features (with the Danger Room), and nearly one lap of the Villains… with a cliffhanger ending?! Oh, no! ^_^