Tag: Andy Rosa

Pinball People Persevere!

What?! We can’t open and play indoors? Well, how about … outside?! Let me get my GIANT tent set up real quick …

vs. Jurassic Park AR edition

Get ready for your dinosaur butt-whippin! This time, three pinballers are going after the dinos and cleaning up those paddocks.

Seawitch: AR Edition

The Rosas have a Seawitch set up with tournament conditions. You’re gonna wish you were playing The Beatles after a session with this beast of a game.

2013 PAPA Circuit Final Round 11 and 12

Why was I playing slower? Hey, A-division players, “I learned it by watching you!” Maybe I should have had a beverage with me or an iPod to disguise the wait time. “Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive, stayin alive.”