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Dirty pools need cleaning

The Colorado Pinball Collective has some dirty pools with Martians in them. They need to be cleaned and disinfected. Here are two of those dirty pools now.

Attack from Mars: Total Strats

What if you specifically focused on Total Annihilation? Sure, you might need to have the skills of a World Champion to get a result like this.

Attacking Mars, dirtying pools

It’s time for those aliens to suffer the consequences. Also, they have a pool on one of their spaceships that looks a little too clean.

Protect the Mothership!

What’s this?! The attacking aliens have equipped a new shield layer to guard against damage! What will we do to counter this new technology?

Deadflip Planet Defenders!

If an unidentified flying saucer sees weakness in us, approaches our planet, and attempts to take over, we will have trained defenders ready to repel the dastardly alien menace.