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Loserkid: Pinburgh

“Everyone has questions on their mind about Pinburgh and we have the guy to answer those questions!”

The more you know … about Pinburgh

This is the greatest pinball video on the Internet. It’s better than F&#! you, Jungle Queen! It’s better than the greatest pinball save! It’s better than the salami and the bologna combined!

Louisville Arcade Expo – PAPA Circuit Qualifying

People need to understand that epic stuff, like what happened at the end of this qualifying period, happens at a lot of tournaments. The only difference is that now these moments of epicness are being captured on camera.

Southern Pinball Festival 2013: The Tournament

I had the opportunity to do coverage of the SPF Finals with Bowen which is awesome! I have got to remember to get closer to the microphone when I do PAPA commentary. Although, you may be able to tell that I did as we progressed through the broadcast.