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Pre-Expo FlipOut Tiebreaker starring … Old Chicago

It’s a one-ball, 17-way tie for 3 spots to make it into the Finals of the Enterrium Pre-Expo special event! Which game would provide the proper structure, respect and gravitas to separate the wheat from the chaff?

Mustang Pinball v1.1

AKA the next episode of “it’s not finished yet”. So far, the game is better than I thought it would be, but not as good as I hoped.

Allentown Pinfest 2014

FRIDAY! FRIDAY!! FRIDAY!!! and SATURDAY! SATURDAY!! SATURDAY!!! Interestingly enough, it’s not on SUNDAY! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!! What’s up with that?!

Louisville Arcade Expo – PAPA Circuit Qualifying

People need to understand that epic stuff, like what happened at the end of this qualifying period, happens at a lot of tournaments. The only difference is that now these moments of epicness are being captured on camera.

New Pinball Dictionary: Expo Expressway

The path that a tournament pinball game takes when it is whisked away from the tournament area, while the finals are in progress. This happens most often at Pinball Expo, but can also occur at other similar places where the activities are scheduled to end early on the last day.