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The Pinball Chick Interviews: George Gomez

” … I got to talk to George, who currently is Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at Stern, the current leaders in pinball, because I am that lucky … “

The George Gomez Hour [Pinball Profile]

“The George Gomez Hour” I would believe that as the name of a late night talk show. It would be better than those “Late Night Jimmy’s” that we have on the line-up currently.

George Gomez: Pinball Design

While the rest of us were about to frolic along at Pinball Expo 2019, Dead Flip was with George Gomez as he gave a presentation about pinball design at Chicago Ideas Week.

George Gomez Livestream

“Welcome to Crazy Bob’s Cyberspace Good-Stuff Emporium, where a shot into the Matrix will win you one of these awards!”

Stern Pinball: Made Right Here

We’ve replaced this person’s coffee with coffee made by Stern Pinball. Let’s see if they notice the difference. (No wait, that’s the wrong coffee brand…)

Gomez, VP

904 Pinball Zine and Pavlov Pinball interview George Gomez, Vice President of Game Development at Stern Pinball.

Zach versus …

… The Chicago Auto Show. Stern’s Mustang pinball gets the full auto show marketing presentation treatment. Plus everyone gets to take on the champ in a high score time trial contest.