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The Pinball Chick Interviews: George Gomez

” … I got to talk to George, who currently is Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at Stern, the current leaders in pinball, because I am that lucky … “

New Pinball Dictionary: Dead Zone

“An area of a [virtual] table where you can commonly lodge a live [ball] in a way that requires a strong nudge to dislodge at the very least, … “

New Pinball Site: The Pinball Chick

From the creator and admin of IndieGamerChick.com, The Pinball Chick is a site dedicated to digital pinball gaming. She produces detailed reviews, ratings and analyses of many, many virtual pinball games …

New Pinball Dictionary: Threading

Barely flipping a very fast moving ball that is heading for a drain down the middle, such that it goes off of the center post, under the opposite flipper, up the outlane and back into play.

Switch Pinball FX Discounts

A double heads-up combo from Indie Pinball Chick notifying us that there are some virtual pinball packages on Nintendo Switch getting discounted. So jump on that if you have a Switch.