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Today is Spring 2013 PinGolf Finals Day!

Today is the day when the top three players will battle it out in a 5-game Final PinGolf Round for a share of the Prize Pool. However, before the Finals at 7:00 PM, there will be a last minute qualification period from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM today. Bring your cash and your skills to Eight on the Break Arcade in Dunellen, NJ if you think you can qualify.

As simple as 11, 12, 13. [JPA PinGolf update]

Francesco La Rocca’s PinGolf scorecard of 12 puts him in second position in this season’s JPA PinGolf Tournament. Steve Zahler remains in first place with 11, and Sanjay Shah goes to third place with 13.

Big Night at the JPA Pinball League – Part 2

Submitted for your approval is 8-year old Jason Zahler. He resuming play on Star Trek: The Next Generation after Sanjay Shah finished his dominating game of Attack from Mars. It was fun to watch a pinball prodigy have such success.

Francesco ascends! [JPA PinGolf Update]

Francesco La Rocca has chopped enough wood to jump up to a tie for first place in this season’s JPA PinGolf Tournament. His score of 14 [-1] is his best score thus far in the history of the event.

Get ready to start the ninth season of JPA PinGolf

Sometimes things really sneak up on me. It’s time for the ninth season of the Jersey Pinball Association PinGolf Tournament. The prize pool has been reset and we are ready to build a new one for Spring 2013.

Fall 2012 JPA PinGolf FINAL Saturday!

The Fall 2012 PinGolf Season ends today! Which means this is the day that I have the privilege of giving away the prizes to three skilled players. A score of twelve is now what you need to make it to at least a tiebreaker for the Fall 2012 PinGolf Final.