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Dead Flip vs. Torpedo Alley

I remember playing this game some years ago at INDISC. And by “this game”, I believe it was this particular game. I also remember it being the most brightest, strobing, disorienting game ever in the history of ever. Of course a number of games I’ve played since then have said “hold my beer” and been more potentially detrimental to my vision, but my retinas still have imprints of this game.

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Head 103 Head Pinball: RAWR!

Behold, the hobby of Pinball releaseth | a game of dinosaurs |
and we did queue up |
to see what the GOAT hath made |
and the dinosaur eateth the ball and the goat |
and chaos ensued |
and there was much rejoicing |
by producers and consumers |
for the wallets were out

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