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Dead Flip vs. Torpedo Alley

I remember playing this game some years ago at INDISC. And by “this game”, I believe it was this particular game. I also remember it being the most brightest, strobing, disorienting game ever in the history of ever. Of course a number of games I’ve played since then have said “hold my beer” and been more potentially detrimental to my vision, but my retinas still have imprints of this game.

INDISC Pinball Tournament Video Coverage

The commentary! The intrigue! The Teed-Off! Yes! Teed-Off! In the FINALS even! That was a moment. I’m sorry, what? There’s a Super Bowl game going on? Whatever. watch this instead.

Enterprise Amok! [Star Trek LE]

Keith Elwin plays Star Trek LE by Stern Pinball and score a metric ton of points. Also, a familiar friend returns for the second mini-wizard mode. Does the Star Trek universe have a president that needs saving out of a portal from Cybertron?

KME on X-men LE

Nearly 30 minutes of X-Men LE gameplay on TourneyCam format by Keith Elwin. Includes one complete lap of the X-Men features (with the Danger Room), and nearly one lap of the Villains… with a cliffhanger ending?! Oh, no! ^_^

Keith Elwin plays AC/DC

AC/DC feels like what the game of Craps would be if it were totally skill-based. World Pinball Champion, Keith Elwin demonstrates the ways to score big on AC/DC. During this, he makes one shot that is worth more than I have ever scored on this machine in an entire game.