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Enterprise Amok! [Star Trek LE]

Keith Elwin plays Star Trek LE by Stern Pinball and score a metric ton of points. Also, a familiar friend returns for the second mini-wizard mode. Does the Star Trek universe have a president that needs saving out of a portal from Cybertron?

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KME on X-men LE

Nearly 30 minutes of X-Men LE gameplay on TourneyCam format by Keith Elwin. Includes one complete lap of the X-Men features (with the Danger Room), and nearly one lap of the Villains… with a cliffhanger ending?! Oh, no! ^_^

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Keith Elwin plays AC/DC

AC/DC feels like what the game of Craps would be if it were totally skill-based. World Pinball Champion, Keith Elwin demonstrates the ways to score big on AC/DC. During this, he makes one shot that is worth more than I have ever scored on this machine in an entire game.

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