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Fun With TRON Legacy Bonus

GEM is arguably the most difficult shot in the game. It would be a shame if you weren’t rewarded for your hard work.

PAPAtv LIVEplay! #2

PAPAtv LIVEplay continues with an in-depth expose of Disney’s TRON: Legacy by Stern Pinball. Starring Al Thomka at the flippers as he does something that is rarely seen at all, nevermind on camera.

Live Star Trek tutorial [PAPA.TV]

It’s not appointment television, it’s appointment streaming. LIVE on Saturday, November 2nd at 7:00 PM Eastern Time, World Pinball Champion Bowen Kerins will be giving a tutorial on Stern’s Star Trek pinball game at the PAPA World Headquarters.

PAPA 16 – PAPA.TV streaming videos

If for some strange reason you missed the live streaming of the PAPA Qualifying and A division Final Rounds, they are available on the PAPA.TV Twitch channel under the Videos link. Follow their channels! Let’s get those viewer numbers up.