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Beatles. Suddenly, Magneto!

Charles Xavier! I have traveled back through time to a Beatles concert. I will take control of the concert and use it to propel my dreams to fruition. Sacrifices must be made, Charles.

KME on X-men LE

Nearly 30 minutes of X-Men LE gameplay on TourneyCam format by Keith Elwin. Includes one complete lap of the X-Men features (with the Danger Room), and nearly one lap of the Villains… with a cliffhanger ending?! Oh, no! ^_^

Sanjay’s victory lap – STERN’s X-Men pinball

I asked the newly minted 2012 Canadian Pinball Champion, Sanjay Shah to play a game of STERN’s X-Men Magneto Limited Edition so that I could get a video of it. Zeus Manolis, the 2012 Toronto AC/DC STERN Launch Party Champion, also allowed me to tape a qualification attempt on the game.