I asked the newly minted 2012 Canadian Pinball Champion, Sanjay Shah to play a game of STERN’s X-Men Magneto Limited Edition so that I could get a video of it. Zeus Manolis, the 2012 Toronto AC/DC STERN Launch Party Champion, also allowed me to tape a qualification attempt on the game.

So far, I like what I see with X-Men pinball. The Magneto Multiball already offers a decent risk/reward system. The more mutants you bring into Multiball, the more each jackpot is worth, and the more shots are available to score those jackpots when you are trying to defeat Magneto. You shoot Magneto to relight shots you have used up so you can damage him again.

There was an issue with the game sometimes letting two balls out of the Magneto lock when it wasn’t time for Multiball. However, the game does realize this and will fix itself if you either drop or re-lock one of the balls.

This game has good potential for expansion on the rule set, so I look forward to see what those additions will be. I hope one of those additions will be the voices and music from the X-Men cartoon show. Yes, I know … keep dreaming.