Tag: Midwest Gaming Classic

Haggis General Update 5

What are Haggis going to do in reaction to the canceled Texas Pinball Festival and Midwest Gaming Classic events?

Pat Lawlor vs. Wonka

Game designer Pat Lawlor’s first livestreamed game of Willy Wonka at Midwest Gaming Classic.

Past them trees… [VIDEO]

It’s Coast 2 Coast Pinball with a look at Predator from Skit-B Pinball. Includes an interview of Kevin from Skit-B.

The Pinball Hour with Nate Shivers

Nate Shivers of the Coast 2 Coast Pinball podcast moderates a seminar given by some of the luminaries of pinball, and it’s a great listen.

C2C Pinball: Diamond and One

You need to be listening to Coast 2 Coast Pinball Podcast to get the in-depth behind the scenes “behind the music” stuff on the Midwest Gaming Classic.